Complete NexStar Set-Up & Alignment

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45 Minute Video - rental through Vimeo (One year rental included free of charge with purchase of a Celestron NexStar SE, NexStar SLT or NexStar Evolution from All-Star Telescope.

This 45 minutue video offers you everything you need to know to set-up your Celestron NexStar telescope.   Part one begins with From opening the box to assembling the telescope.   Part two takes you through the alignment process, step-by-step from choosing a good alignment procedure to entering the necessary data into the handcontroller for a successful alignment.  The video even includes the procedure for re-setting the operating language and re-setting the telescope location after traveling to a new location with your telescope.  Part 3 was created outside under the stars where Ken does a both a solar system alignment using the moon and a two star alignment. 

To purchase the full instructional video, including parts two and three,  for the set-up and aligment of the Celestron NexStar, please go to NexStar Set-Up and Alignment where you can purchase access to the video through Vimeo.

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