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In March 2006 Bev and Ken From were living at Gindiri, Nigeria and made the day's journey north to see the total solar eclipse on March 29.  Along with colleagues and students the video documents their travel to Gusau in Zamfara State, Nigeria.



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In this brief video, Ken, from All-Star Telescope talks about the basic necessary equipment - telescope, mount and autoguider -  needed for doing astrophotography.  Be sure to see the Astrophotography 101 video  for a full description of how to do astrophotography.

Asteroid 2004 BL86 flew by earth on the evening of January 26, 2015.   From the Red Deer river valley in Tolman Badlands area, Ken From of All-Star Telescope captured this short sequence of images showing the asteroid moving past the Beehive Cluster.   Thin cloud obscured much of the view but this 3 second sequence covered 50 minutes.   Using a Canon 6D with Canon's 135mm telesphoto lens, 104 images of 30 seconds each are put together to form this timelapse.   The camera was tracking the stars using a Celestron Advanced VX mount and Orion StarShoot autoguider

From the December 2013 New Mexico Star Party at the Painted Pony Resort near Rodeo, New Mexico, we captured this time-lapse video of Orion rising to the east.  Covering almost three hours, this 10 second video shows the expansive views to the east of our location of the New Mexico Star Parties.

45 Minute Video - rental through Vimeo (One year rental included free of charge with purchase of a Celestron NexStar SE, NexStar SLT or NexStar Evolution from All-Star Telescope.

This 45 minutue video offers you everything you need to know to set-up your Celestron NexStar telescope.   Part one begins with From opening the box to assembling the telescope.   Part two takes you through the alignment process, step-by-step from choosing a good alignment procedure to entering the necessary data into the handcontroller for a successful alignment.  The video even includes the procedure for re-setting the operating language and re-setting the telescope location after traveling to a new location with your telescope.  Part 3 was created outside under the stars where Ken does a both a solar system alignment using the moon and a two star alignment. 

To purchase the full instructional video, including parts two and three,  for the set-up and aligment of the Celestron NexStar, please go to NexStar Set-Up and Alignment where you can purchase access to the video through Vimeo.

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