Free video - five minutes

A Celestron CPC1100 is set up for viewing and imaging the moon and Venus during the daytime when they are in close proximity to each other.

Free Video - One minute

On August 13, 2012 the moon passed directly in front of Venus during the daytime in Western Canada.  Ken, of All-Star Telescope took dozens of photos \with an Orion 80mm and Celestron CPC 1100 and combined them into this video.   Cloud and haze as well as tracking our celestial neighbours added to the challenge.  Enjoy!

Dalton Wilson compiled this video from still shots taken of the transit of Venus on June 5 from a location northeast of Medicine Hat, Alberta

Free Video - 10 minutes

In this free video Michael and Ken demonstrate how to take a sequence of photos and create a time lapse video.   Clouds over the Chirachaua Mountains create an action filled video from 500 still frames.   This is a great video to help you get up and started in creating your own time lapse videos.

Free Video - Three minutes

The All-Star Telescope Story began with Ken's  dramatic view of the Milky Way from central Nigeria in 1990.  In this video the owners of All-Star Telescope, Ken & Bev From talk about how and why they started All-Star Telescope and how they have been able to help people observe the wonders of the night sky.  Ken also notes how astrophotography has become a significant part of the hobby of astronomy.

Observer & Imager Nights

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