Free video - 2 minutes

Interested in what the popular NexStar computerized scope can do?  This video shows daytime and nighttime capabilities of the NexStar 4SE at Canada Olympic Park.  Footage is shown of the ski hill from a distance, as well as the craters on the crescent moon.  Click here for more information or to order.

Michael From produced this time-lapse video of the Northern Lights during the night of May 17-18, 2013.   From the Didsbury overpass of Alberta's #2 highway, the first section captures midnight traffic below the Northern Lights.   In the second section the Northern Lights are captured along with an old barn and tree foreground at All-Star Telescope.   For a short presentation on setting up your camera for daytime time-lapse photography, see Time Lapse Video Instructional or check our Workshops section for possible instructional sessions on time-lapse photography.

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A wide-angle time lapse of the entire night in early March at All-Star Telescope's New Mexico Star Party near Rodeo, New Mexico.   From Sirius and the winter Milky Way in the late evening through to the dramatic rise of the Milky Way just before sunrise, this video demonstrates the exceptional skies of south eastern New Mexico and why the All-Star New Mexico Party has become so popular.  Over 900 photos of 30 seconds each on a Canon 40D with the Bower 8mm Fisheye lens for Canon were combined for the video. 

See a gallery of photos from the 2013 All-Star New Mexico Star Party.

Photography and time-lapse compilation by Ken From of All-Star Telescope.


Free Video - 2 x 10 minutes.   This two part video attempts to help you determine the kind of telescope that will best meet your interests and needs as well as budget.  With an overview of the reasons why people become involved in astronomy, the video shows different models of telescopes that might serve you well as your first telescope.   With some closing comments about astrophotography, you should have a better idea of what telescope to purchase and what telescopes to avoid.  Back to written article on Purchasing Your First Telescope.

Free Video - 2 minutes

This compilation of short time-lapse videos comes from All-Star Telescope's 2014 New Mexico Star Party held at the Painted Pony Resort near Rodeo, New Mexico.

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