Free Video - 2 minutes

See how you can attach a digital single lens reflex camera to the Celestron NexStar 6SE for both daytime and nighttime short exposure photography.   With daytime set-up in the mountains and a nighttime set-up with a full moon, the video illustrates the size of image you capture of the moon with a two types of Canon DSLR's.  

Free Video - Nine Minutes

In this video you will see how a Celestron NexStar SE telescope can be used during the daytime as well as at night for astronomy.   We show you how to attach a DSLR camera for taking daytime photos or fast exposure photos at night.   All Celestron NexStar SE telescope work exactly the same.  

5 minutes - Free Video

Wade demonstrates the collimation of a SkyWatcher Dob using a laser collimator.

Free Video - 50 seconds
From the 9000 foot altitude of the Mauna Kea Visitor's Center, Michael From captures this time lapse video of the clouds and stars over the glow of the Big Island's active volcano.

On October 23, 2014 the moon moved across the face of the sun with 70% coverage at greatest eclipse.   The time-lapse video was shot with a Canon 60Da on an Orion CF80 ED telescope.  One frame was shot each 30 seconds over a course of 3 hours to create the time-lapse video.  

Observer & Imager Nights

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