Free Video - 4 minutes

The video demonstrates how to attach a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) to a Dobsonial telescope for fast exposure photos of the moon, planets or terrestrial objects.

45 minutes - Free Video

This 45 minute video walks you through all the important steps for doing astrophotography with a DSLR.   Using an equatorial mount (Celestron Advanced VX) and the Celestron EDGE HD800 optical tube, it describes 1. Setting up the equipment including the "go to and tracking" of the mount, 2. Balancing, 3. Polar Alignment, 4. Camera settings along with Framing and Focusing, 5. Autoguiding, 6. Image Capture including dark frames, 7. Processing with Adobe Camera Raw and PhotoShop.

From set-up to processing images, this video takes you through the set-up of a Celestron Edge HD800 telescope on the Celestron Advanced VX mount.  Along with the Celestron 0.7 focal reducer, the Orion StarShoot autoguider and attaching a DSLR, you will see the process of setting up the tripod, attaching the mount and telescope, balancing the telescope and camera, polar aligning the mount, setting the DSLR settings for taking 10 minute exposures, setting up the mount's "go-to" settings on the mount, framing and focusing on the selected imaging target, autoguiding with using PHD Guiding and finally the processing of the images using Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop.  Five images of Messier 33, the Pinwheel or Triangulum galaxy are used to offer basic processing techniques with the Adobe software.  On this EDGE HD telescope the Orion StarShoot Autoguider is attached to the finderscope with the Adapter SSAG to Guidescope.

Free Video - 5 minutes

In this video you will see Ken setting up a Celestron CPC telescope along with recommended accessories.

Free Video

The video shows a daytime set-up of an equatorial mount with a polar scope and demonstrates how one rotates the telescope's right ascesion axis to align the view in the polar scope to correspond with the position of the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia.  One then makes altitute and azimuth adjustments to centre Polaris in the position marked in the polar scope.    This video is also included in the EQ3 and ED80 Complete Set-Up video

Free Video  8 minutes

The video demonstrates the set-up of an equatorial mount designed for astrophotography.   While one of the smallest and lightest equatorial mounts, the SkyWatcher EQ3 mount is easily transportable and plrovides excellent results when paired with an 80mm or smaller refractor.   The Orion 80mm carbon fibre aprochromatic telescope in the video could be replaced with a SkyWatcher 80mm Equinox or other smaller apochromatic telescope.   A similar set-up would be used with larger equatorial mounts and larger optical tubes. 

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