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Comments from a recent customer: "I was finally able to get the new Esprit 120 out for a test drive. WOW! It completely exceeded my expectations!   I really do think this scope is absolutely fabulous and am positive it would give a Takahashi a good run for the money."

Esprit 120ED and 150ED Super APO refractors have a doublet field flattener to get a flat field and minimize aberration and distortion. Their M48 adapter for cameras assures larger clear aperture than M42 adapter to reduce halation as much as possible. Connect the triplet and doublet field flattener with a high precision thin thread to keep the optical axis perpendicular to the image.

Main Features:
- Premium optical materials
- Short focal length and full frame corrected focal plane
- Excellent field flatness
- Precision linear power focuser is standard
- Metallic high-transmission lens coatings
- Light-baffled optical systems
- Telescope tube attachment hardware

        Optical Design? - Apochromatic Refractor
        Diameter - ?120mm
        Focal Length ?840mm
        F/Ratio? - F/7
        Highest Practical Power - ?240x
        Faintest Steller Magnitude - ?12.5
        Finder Scope - ?8x50,  - right angle erect

        Focuser Diameter - ?3" Linear Power Focuser
        Eye Piece?LET -  2"-28
        Tube Weight? - 11kg
        Tube Dimensions? - 155x750 mm
        Shipping Weight? - 15 kg
        Shipping Dimensions - ?122x45x47 cm3

Also included: Aluminum case, T2-ring M48

The recommended solar filter for this telescope is the Kendrick Baader Solar Filter - 6008-SF

Videos we created that are recommended to view for those interested in this scope are:  All Astrophotography Videos 

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