SkyNews, Nov/Dec 2009 - Alan Dyer says, "Images were sharp and free of any significant aberrations or design shortcomings that can blur images in lesser-grade telescopes.  Jupiter revealed good detail in its cloud belts, and stars appeared as tightly focused discs at high power, just as the textbooks state they should...You get a lot of telescope for the money with the Heritage 130..."

♦ Collapsed tube length only 14.5 inches.  Total weight less than 15 lbs.
♦ Carefully engineered to combine ease of use, extreme portability and consistent performance in an affordable package
♦ Table-top collapsible truss-tube design, no disassembling and collimation required between uses.
♦ Aluminized paraboloidal mirrors, providing sharp and detailed images.
♦ Enough light gathering power to provide outstanding resolution and bright image.
♦ Great all-round astronomical viewing performance
♦ Diameter:  130mm, Focal Length:  650mm, F/Ratio:  F5

Consider the Observer's Package for getting the most out of your telescope.

To view the sun - for sunspots, transit of Mercury and partial solar eclipses you will need this solar filter.

Recommended:  Instructional Videos for assembly and set-up of a Dobsonian.

Note on Shipping:     Shipping charges apply on Dobsonian telescopes

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