NightWatch says, "There may not be a perfect telescope for the beginner, but the closest thing to it is a 6-to-10inch Dobsonian mounted reflector.  This type of telescope offers the best combination of modest price, versatility and practicality available in a commercial telescope.  For $300 to $700 you get a complete telescope of astonishing capability.  It will reveal Cassini's division in Saturn's rings, Jupiter's red spot, the polar caps and dark regions on Mars, thousands of lunar features, the Trapezium at the core of the Orion nebula, hundreds of star clusters in the Hercules cluster and galaxies 60 million light-years away.  p. 69

Diameter:  6" / 153mm

Focal Length:  1200mm

Eyepieces:  25mm & 10 mm

Finderscope:  6 x 30 (Straight Through)

Consider the Solar Filter for viewing sun spots and partial solar eclipses.

Consider the Observer's Package for getting the most out of your telescope.

Recommended:  Instructional Videos for assembly and set-up of a Dobsonian.

Note on Shipping:     Shipping charges apply on Dobsonian telescopes

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