Focal Reducer/Field Flattener for SV70T 70 mm f-6 triplet apochromat

This reducer/flattener is optimized for our 70 mm triplet lens. The flattener threads into the Stellarvue 2.5” A version focuser. It will also slide into a 2” focuser for earlier model SV70ED's. 0.8X focal reduction converts the 70 mm f-6 to a 336 mm f-4.8. This is our widest field refractor! 

This reducer/flattener has a standard 48 mm filter thread. Standard 2" filters can be added to the reducer flattener when imaging. The backfocus of the unit is 55 mm with the included 11 mm extension tube. Remove this tube and the backfocus increases to 66 mm. Since a DSLR with t-ring has a 55 mm backfocus, thread the SFFR-70APO and extension tube into the cameras t-ring, then screw it to the focuser as shown.  (Click on side graphic to enlarge)

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