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Celestron continues to develop innovative planetary imagers with The Imaging Source, a leading machine vision company who has been making astronomy cameras since 2007. CMOS technology by ON Semiconductor and Sony have since progressed rapidly and planetary imaging is more accessible with better performance than before.

This is our first NexImage camera to incorporate USB 3.0 SuperSpeed!  And this camera needs it, because it is PACKED with pixels.  More than ten million pixels.  That may not seems like a lot compared to a consumer point-and-shoot camera, but in the planetary imaging world, it’s all about how much detail per pixel is seen.  With super-small 1.67µm pixels, smaller telescopes with shorter focal lengths are still going to yield tremendous planetary detail. It’s one of the best valued high-res USB 3 planetary imaging cameras out there. 

·         High-resolution, with just 1.67 micron pixels, this camera delivers more image detail and requires less focal length, or without the need for a Barlow lens.

·         Smaller telescopes get more resolution with this camera.

·         USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection, also backwards compatible with USB 2.0

·         10 megapixels, great for lunar imaging or general solar system imaging.

·         Mac OS X compatible! Link to downloads for oaCapture and Lynkeos on Celestron's product page. 

·         Easy to use color camera, provides live video for quick focusing

·         3856 x 2764 pixel array with small pixels, provides high resolution images

·         Includes Celestron iCap software for image capture and export

·         Includes RegiStax stacking software that automatically filters the best images, aligns, and stacks your planetary images

Included Items:  NexImage 10 camera body, 1.25” nosepiece, software CD, USB cable, instruction manual

A/D Conversion

12 bit

Back Focus Distance

13.1mm with nosepiece



Max Frame Rate


Exposure Range

0.0001 to 10 seconds

Imaging Sensor

ON Semi MT9J003 Color CMOS


1.25” barrel and C-thread

Operating Environment

40C° to -40C° (104F to -40F)

Optical Window




Software Compatibility

iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow, oaCapture


Hardware ROI

Optical Coatings

Anti-reflection multi-coatings with IR-block on cover glass

Power Requirements

Powered by USB

Camera Resolution

3856 x 2764

Sensor Size

6.4mm x 4.6mm

Pixel Size

1.67 micron square

USB Cable

High-Speed 3.0, 10' cable length


2 ozNexImage 10 camera body, 1.25” nosepiece, software CD, USB cable, instruction manual

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