The finderscope weighs only 19 ounces and works with our standard 50-60 mm ring systems. It includes a 23mm reticle eyepiece, but you may also use other 1.25" eyepieces with this finderscope converting it to a small telescope. It performs very nicely with Naglers! This finderscope comes with a white tube and dew shield to match white telescopes. The 50 mm objective gathers 50 times the amount of light your naked eye does so you can more easily spot dimmer objects you are looking for. 

Separate helical focusers allow you to first focus the cross-hair reticle and then the optical focus. The angle of the prism and eyepiece may be rotated to position the eyepiece in the most comfortable position but it may be necessary to readjust the finderscope once the eyepiece is rotated. We supply these finderscopes without rings so you can select the ring system that works with your particular telescope. Visit our 50-60 mm finderscope ring set page to order the rings you will need. 

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