This Pier Placement Package serves as a template when pouring concrete for your pier.  While the concrete is still wet, place the 6 - 3/4" rods into the concrete with the 3/4" plywood disk resting on top of the wet concrete.  Rods are 18" in total length.   The 6 -3/4" nuts at the bottom of the rods and 6 - 3/4" nuts near the top of rods (under the plywood) are secured with LocTight and will be embedded in the concrete.  Allow approximately 2" of the rods to protrude above the wooden disk.   Once the concrete sets, the pier can be placed over the protruding rods and secured with 6 - 3/4" nuts.   Leave the wooden disk in place to provide anti-vibration tamping to the pier.    For best results, be sure to place the template in a "north - south" orientation.


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