Heavy-duty pier manufactured exclusively for All-Star Telescope. Due to weight, shipping charges will apply to this product.


 • All Steel construction - 7" casing, 5/16" wall thickness -  11" diameter bottom flange with 6 - 3/4" mounting holes; top flange with six 3/4" holes

  • Plate Head 1/2" outside thickness with 1/2" centre hole.  Includes 3  3/4" x 6" rods for precise leveling but can accommodate up to 6 - 3/4" threaded rods for extra stability (optional)    • Column comes with 1/2"  centre hole to access interior for filling with sand and increased dampening

Specify height required from bottom of pier to top where mount will be attached.  (The top corresponds to the top of the tripod if placed on a tripod)

We recommend placement of a concrete pillar 14" in diameter from ground level down below the frost line.  (In Alberta this is usually 6')
Note - these piers are constructed for heavy-duty use and will minimize vibration more than any other pier .   Many piers  use only 3 bolts of 1/2" thickness to secure the pier to a concrete base.   All-Star Telescope uses 6 bolts of 3/4" thickness to secure the pier to the concrete base.   Additionally three bolts of 3/4" thickness attach the pier head to the pier for a sturdy connection to your mount while still offering fine leveling adjustments. You can attach the top plate to the pier with an additional three 3/4" threaded rods (for a total of 6) for increased stability or increased height between the pier and top plate.

To attach mount:  The 11" top mounting plate accommodates Celestron's CGEM, CGEM DX and Advanced VX mounts as well as Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6,  EQ6, HEQ5, EQ5 and EQ3 mounts.  A modified top mounting plate is available for the Celestron CGE Pro mount.

Pricing is for a pier up to 36" in height.   An extra $100 is charged per additional foot (12")  or portion of a foot" 

All-Star Telescope also offers a corresponding "Concrete Placement Package" of threaded rods to embed in wet concrete for attaching the pier to the concrete base.

Shiupping charges applied to this item due to weight and size.

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