All-Star New Mexico Star Party Information

 Star Parties at the Painted Pony Resort

(Also a naturalist's paradise)

♦    Pristine Dark Skies for Visual Viewing and AstroPhotography
♦    Expansive Views of Southern Skies including Omega Centauri / 50 miles north of Mexico
♦    All nights with deluxe accommodations exclusively for Star Party registrants
♦    Experience SouthWest USA  - numerous optional daytime activities including hiking and birdwatching - see information below on birdwatching in the nearby Chiricahua



All-Star Telescope continues to host Star Parties at with our exclusive use of the Painted Pony Resort near Rodeo, New Mexico. 

At 31 50’ N





Aerial View of Painted Pony Resort and Dude Ranch






Omega Centauri

Visible Above Horizon









Omega Centauri by

Dalton Wilson - Rodeo, New Mexico, March 2010






What is the All-Star Party?

The All-Star Party  is a gathering of amateur astronomers at a luxury desert resort under some of the darkest cloud free skies in North America.    Next door to the former telescopes of Light Buckets and the Arizona Sky Village, the Painted Pony Resort will serve as the base for this special event organized by All-Star Telescope.  You can soak in parts of the southern skies that cannot be seen from Canadian latitudes as well as view the night sky as rarely seen from other locations.  Whether you choose visual observing or astrophotography, you will be treated to unsurpassed celestial views. Bring your own telescope, red flashlights and imaging equipment.  Read more about this special location for stargazing. 


Daytime activities:  The SouthWest USA offers unique scenery and experiences.   Those who have come from Canada hve enjoyed visits to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park in Utah, Canyon De Chelly, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Kitt Peak in Arizona, The Carlsbad Canyons and White Sand Dunes National Park in New Mexico.   Be sure to check the Painted Pony website to learn some fabulous places you will want to visit before, during or after a All-Star New Mexico Party. On site activities include use of geothermal heated swimming pool, basketball court, pool table and ping-pong table.   Be sure to visit beautiful Chiricahua National Monument just to the west.

Location and Accommodations:  The Painted Pony Resort has nine bedrooms and two RV spaces.   Some rooms may Courtyardaccommodate more than two people but mostly we expect two persons to a room.  One bathroom will be shared by two bedrooms in most cases.  We expecting 18 to 20 people to use the Painted Pony Resort accommodations.   With two RV spaces available, approximately 4 additional adults may be accommodated.  Making reservations early will be necessary to participate in this special event.  Please see the Painted Pony Resort website for fabulous photos of your accommodations and of the numerous features of this area of the SouthWest.  For directions see the Painted Pony Resort website.

Accommodations and Services:

Included: Your registration gives you full access to all activities of the All-Star Party including set-up of your telescope and equipment; all night viewing and imaging; .  You have access to the Painted Pony facilties including swimming pool and hot tub.

Included Meal:  Each evening, except one, a delicious gourmet group supper catered locally is included with your registration.

Not Included:  Breakfasts and lunches are not included.   Refrigerators and kitchens are available for you to bring and prepare these meals on your own schedule.  Or see the Painted Pony website for eating options in Rodeo and area.  Telescopes and astronomy equipment are not provided although the Painted Pony has a Dobsonian telescope for use.

 Other:  For directions, please see the Painted Pony website.




 Cranes at the Whitewater Draw northeast of Douglas, Arizona


 Birding in the Chiricahua mountains 15 minutes west of the Painted Pony Resort



Observer & Imager Nights

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