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Nightscape CCD Camera - General Features
    •    One shot color imaging using 10.7MP CCD sensor - No filter wheels or color combining needed
    •    4.75 micron x 4.75 micron pixels - Small pixels and 2x2 and 4x4 binning allows for optimal resolution at multiple F-numbers
    •    Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) - Regulated TEC and adjustable fan to dramatically reduce thermal noise
    •    Internal Mechanical Shutter - makes acquiring dark frames easy
    •    AstroFX software - takes you step-by-step from taking images to processing the final result
    •    Full-frame image buffer allows you to take images even while downloading


Camera Resolution: 10.7MP (3760x2840)
Sensor Size: 17.9 mm x 13.5 mm (22.5 mm diagonal)
Pixel Size: 4.75 micron square
Imaging Sensor: Kodak KAI-10100 Color Sensor
Exposure Range: .001 sec to 24hrs (2x2, 4x4 Bin); .01sec to 24hrs (1x1 binning)
Binning: 2x2, 4x4
Cooling: Regulated Thermoelectric w/ Fan
Shutter: Internal Mechanical
Cooling Range: 20C° below ambient
Operating Environment: 40C° to -40C° (104F to -40F)
A/D Conversion: 16 bit
Full Well Capacity: 25,000 e-
Read Noise (RMS) : 13 e-
Dark Signal (at 0° C): 2e-/pixel/second
Quantum Efficiency: 32%@630 nm; 42%@550 nm; 40%@470 nm
Dynamic Range: 64 dB
Mounting: 2" barrel and t-thread
Back Focus Distance:  55 mm w/ 2" barrel; 26 mm w/o barrel
Download Time: 11 sec or less for full-frame image
Software Compatibility: AstroFX, MaximDL, ASCOM Driver
USB Cable: High-Speed 2.0, 10' cable length
Sub-Framing : Full, Half, Quarter, selectable
Optical Window: High transmission Schott B270 glass
Optical Coatings: IR cutoff and anti-reflection multi-coatings
Power Requirements: 12V DC 2.5Amp, tip positive
Weight: 2 lbs (0.91 kg)

Celestron two year warranty

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