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Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD  AstroPhoto Suite - the ideal system offering a portable telescope for excellent visual use and excellent astrophotograph

NEW - Watch the full set-up video of the complete set-up of this system all the way through image capture and processing  (45 minutes of instruction includes some basics such as polar alignment, autoguider, frame and focus and processing with Adobe Camera Raw and PhotoShop)

In the December 2014 issue of Sky and Telescope, Rod Mollise reviews this the EDGE HD800 Advanced VX mount and calls it "A Lot for a Little" - something he calls excellent visual and photographic performance.  Read his review here.


    •    Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD for excellent visual observing of deep sky objects including nebulas, galaxies and star clusters.  Includes  Celestron Lens Shade

   •    Large aperture astrophoto telescope with Celestron's patented "Edge HD" technology for sharp astrophotos from edge to edge

     •    All astrophotography accessories including  Celestron CG-5 Polar Scope, Celestron Reducer Lens for 8" Edge HDT-Adapter Edge HD 8, T-ring for your DSLR (Canon or Nikon),  Orion StarShoot AutoGuider specially fitted to the Celestron Finderscope with a SSAG-AD adapter PowerTank Lithium, and Celestron StarPointer Finder.

All-Star Telescope User Comments:  In the  video of the complete set-up of this unit, you may see that we used a Mac computer to operate the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider.  You can use Mac or Windows with the autoguider.   We recommend a laptop with long battery life to allow you a full night of imaging without needing to be connected to 110 volt power.

You supply:  Camera for imaging and laptop operating autoguider program

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